Screw Compressors

Our Compressors with screw technology are available over broad power range, from a small footprint to fit in every workshop to the worlds much larger applications.

Worthington Creysensac

  • Oil injected (Rollair) or water injected (Wisair) screw compressors
  • 10 scfm – 1800 scfm
  • Low noise level
  • Fixed speed and variable speed
  • With or without integrated refrigeration dryer

The Power of the Rollair range

Rollair Screw Compressors provide compressed air, relying on high efficiency and very low noise levels, thanks to the gearbox transmission.


  • Installed with an air vessel (with or without)
  • Equipt with a smart controller or Airlogic
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Fixed or variable speed

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Oil Free Compressor


Wis Oil Free compressors provide high quality compressed air for a range of industrial applications.  The continuous investment in product development has resulted in both economical and ecological compressors.

Class Zero guarantees the ultimate air quality for all these applications that require perfectly clean air.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Textile Industry
  • Electronics