Compressed Air Filtration

Line Filters are used to remove contaminates from compressed air after compression has taken place.

Our Filters combines reliability and peace of mind for excellent purification of compressed air.

The are available with a performance from 43 – 2430 mc/h.

Boosting your air filtration system

Our air filters are available for a wide range of applications. From the food industry through to pharmaceuticals, we’re here to make your air filtration system run smoothly. Each one is easy to maintain and highly productive, so you can look forward to fewer breakdowns.

  • Particulate filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Oil Removing Filters

Contact Compressor Services Ltd

Whether you need a new air compressor or an adsorption dryer, or your system needs servicing, you can count on Compressor Services Ltd. We serve all of Ireland and beyond.

The benefits of choosing our air filters

  • Increased productivity, greater efficiency, and high reliability
  • A simple design that leads to less wear and tear
  • Increased cost effectiveness with little need for maintenance
  • Different cartridges featuring specific filtration qualities
  • We also supply air compressor systems
  • Give us a call to discuss our air filtration systems