Refrigerant and adsorption dryers

Would you like to maintain your pneumatic equipment with a quality air drying system? At Compressor Services Ltd, we supply refrigerant air dryers to make your job easier.

Refridgerant Dryers

The Worthington Creyssensac offers a complete range of DW refridgerant dryers, for perfect dry and clean air.


The DW2 -DW420 range is from 350 – 84,000 L/min.

  • Less wear and fewer breakdowns, leading to higher productivity
  • Intelligent silent water discharge and high quality results
  • Increased tool reliability and energy savings
  • Simple dew point indicator readings

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Whether you need a new air compressor or an adsorption dryer, or your system needs servicing, you can count on Compressor Services Ltd. We serve all of Ireland and beyond.

Come to us for adsorption dryers

If you’d like to lengthen the lifespan of your equipment and subject it to less wear and tear, try our adsorption dryers. From pneumatic control systems to pharmaceutical processes, an adsorption dryer can reduce the risk of leaks and save energy.

For more information about our refrigerant air dryers and adsorption dryers, give us a call.