Optimize Your Energy Efficiency

Energy cost represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period. That’s why reducing the operating cost of a compressed air system is a major focus.
Our variable frequency drive compressors can cut the energy bill of your compressor by up to 30%

energy saving

Reduce energy consumption in the following ways

  • The variable frequency drive compressors (inverter technology) guarantees a fixed set pressure operation and matches air supply with air demand
  • No unload cycles above 20% load
  • No current peak due to soft start

Energy Box

Reduce your cost and co2 emissions and recover energy losses

  • Recovers up to 94% of the energy of the compressor shaft power resulting in huge tangible saving
  • Reduces your co2 emissions
  • Play & plug concept with all major mechanical parts pre-mounted in the canopy
  • The energy can be reintroduced into the operational set up